Review: Manda (34)

My name is Manda and I am 34 years old. I have had cellulite on the buttocks and outer thighs for a long time. Like probably many other women, I tried to treat these dents with dietary changes, sports, various creams and wraps, but unfortunately nothing really seemed to help. When I discovered on the Internet that a new method from the USA to treat cellulite is offered in Vienna, I decided to try the Cellfina treatment, because contrary to all other treatments so far, Cellfina promised long lasting results.

During a consultation with Dr. Rolf Bartsch, I was informed about the treatment, its effect and downtime. The whole treatment including marking, local anesthesia and the procedure itself takes a total of 1.5 hours. During the treatment I had no pain and could go home immediately afterwards. In the next 2 days, the sitting down and getting up was a little painful, but otherwise I was fine and I had no restrictions. You could see the difference already on the next day!

I am very glad to have stumbled over this treatment! Cellfina keeps what it promises – the deep dents at my buttocks are gone! Of course, my butt does not have the perfect shape yet, but I feel much more comfortable and beautiful without these unsightly dents!