Review: Nadja (25)

For years I have been annoyed by these dents on my buttocks and thighs, countless creams, wraps etc. I have tried it all. They promised a smooth butt and tight thighs. But none of them helped in the long run. You might have seen a small improvement for a short time, but this was probably more due to my imagination and wishful thinking rather than the products effects.

Since I am only 25 years old, these dents were very disturbing to me and I was always looking for something that could help me.

Then I saw a post by Dr. Rolf Bartsch that he’s looking for testimonials for the latest treatment against cellulitis by the name of Cellfina. It promises an immediate, visible improvement after only one treatment.

Also the procedure is performed without anesthesia, is painless and one can go home right after the treatment.

On 9.10.2016 I was allowed to test the cellfina treatment as a testimonial and was enthusiastic right from the beginning.

The dents were marked before the procedure and then Dr. Bartsch went to work already.  At first the affected areas were stunned, which felt like a very brief small sting on each side. After that I felt nothing anymore, and could only hear the sound of the device working while I lied relaxed on the bed. After the treatment everything was bandaged and therefore my butt was twice as big as before :-). What was great was that I was allowed to move and do everything immediately after the treatment. I even drove myself home.

Day of treatment

On the first day you do not feel anything, I think that the anesthetic was still working.

Day after the treatment

On the second day I then took the bandages off – which was more painful than the treatment itself! I was totally surprised and could hardly believe it when I looked at my butt. The dents had disappeared as if by magic. I had almost no bruising at that time, only a slight swelling was present.

Week after treatment
I had no pain at any time, and only felt a slight pressure when sitting down or getting up. About 3 to 4 days after the treatment I suddenly had quite a few bruises. Since I am very susceptible to bruises this wasn’t too hard on me. I also believe that I felt the pressure when sitting down or standing up mostly because of the bruises.

2nd Week after treatment
In  the second week I felt no discomfort anymore. No pressure, no pain. The bruises were already getting brighter and vanished by the end of the week.

The dents were completely gone, and only by looking really close one could guess where a larger dent has been before.

My butt now looks much tighter and rounder than before as if there were never any dents.

I would at any time decide to this this treatment again, since it really holds what it promises and is not associated with as much effort and downtime as a liposuction is! It is worth it in any case, especially if one has to fight with unsightly dents even at an age as young as mine.